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Best EDC Tools That You Need To Have

It is already common for people today, to bring only the stuffs they think are important like their phones, wallets and keys. You don’t know what could happen for the entire day and it is important that you bag consists of more than just your phone and money. It is critical that you are prepared for everything that could occur. You’ll be stunned to know that there are plenty of EDC tools that can be purchased today, which is a great way for you to take your everyday kit into a new level. If you’re wondering what tools to purchase, the simple guide below is certainly what you need when you shop.

The first thing is to contemplate on what kind of situations you’ll have to deal with unexpectedly and find items that would help you meet those unexpected occasions. It is important to be as realistic as possible and ensure that you take everything into consideration, so you can be prepared as possible. You could end up being stranded due to natural disasters like typhoons or earthquake or you could also find yourself in the middle of a terrorism act, or even be subjected to mugging or other crimes.

If you’re the type who brings a simple cutter or a can opener, then you’re on the right track. A Can opener, cutter or any other individual tools may not be that efficient though, and it would be better to go for something like a multi-tool device that’s more versatile. This compact size item is easy to carry and add on your kit and at the same time, it is made to have different functions. There’s a multi-tool device out there that you could use as a can opener, cutter, screw or even as a prying device. Without taking too much space in your bag, you could have a tool that can be considered an all-in-one item.

A source of light is always a handy piece of device to add to your everyday kit as it can help in different scenarios like simple brownouts, lockouts or even more serious problems like getting trapped in a collapsed building and many more. Having a whistle to go with it would surely come in handy as well and don’t forget that you look for high quality devices in whatever you purchase.

You should never forget to add a simple first aid kit on your bag. Having the essential first aid items would definitely be critical in some point in time, and it may even be a key to saving a life in the future. Other items that you could include in your kit which could play a huge role in certain situations are, paracord bracelets and even a simple water filter, especially the former since it has numerous usage.

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