What to Look for in a Field Service App

Running any business is a challenge, but running a business that requires contractors to work in the field can be a nightmare without the right tools. That’s why it’s a good idea for businesses of all size that perform fieldwork to purchase integrated field service management software. Business owners can read on to find out about a few of the features to look for in a field service app below to ensure that the software being purchased will meet their needs.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Keeping track of scheduling can be a nightmare when the majority of employees work in the field. Software applications that feature smart scheduling allow dispatchers to route calls directly to techs in the field based on their availability, skills, and territory. This saves time, money, and frustration for business owners and their employees.

Contract Management

Keeping track of what services are being provided to customers doesn’t have to be difficult. Contract management software makes keeping track of contracts and maintenance agreements and ensuring that they are being honored much easier, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Quoting Management

Contractors using mobile field service management software can offer quotes in the field then when customers accept, turn them into work orders directly. Field techs can even add parts and job tasks to work orders, apply special pricing, and quote for additional work on-site. This helps to streamline the entire administration process.

Analytical Reports

Utilizing a comprehensive software solution also allows managers to collect data on departments, service teams, and individual technicians. This helps them identify issues before they become more serious problems.

Mobile Checklists

Mobile field service software apps allow users to create checklists, which helps to streamline workflow. This feature can be particularly helpful for field service techs offering inspection and maintenance services. Plus, techs can keep track of any issues they see so that they can add repairs to their customers’ quotes on the spot and ensure the highest possible level of service.

Data Backup

The right field service software will be cloud-based, allowing users to access its features from anywhere. This allows companies to upgrade to new software without having to add IT staff members, allows field techs to access the application from anywhere and ensures that all of the data gathered in the field is backed up.