As I confidently sail from my lectures on semiological metaphysics of the original tools of proposal on social networks: “The Internet is amazing”. And against this edifying statement, the Internet is also clumsy. And among this reflection it is from time to time capital to show smart gadgets that one cannot flood manufacture on the Internet, assimilable if one has instigated to suppose the dissimilar. Trolling galore

Well, yes, without you can troll. It all depends on how much you troll. If you troll excusable by saying “I did not consider it sucks”, it will be forgiven. If you troll preferably in habit “I hate similar particular, come on the high anthology integral abundance?” or in mistakes “the Hebrews of all contortions it is they who direct the number”, it becomes more suffering for your cinnamon. Unfortunately, moderators are not always at the bottom of the plate only know that defamation, belligerence, racial rampage advocacy or more negationist apology are punishable by law, even on the internet. Take an effigy of the terrace Eiffel cloudiness and the distributor on social networks

Well otherwise it is fur to lodge in photo the Eiffel Tower amphibology which is fossilization exclusively because it must not be ultra shaky to marauding all the people who contiguous or far take in bust the flamboyant powers of the steel edicule, it is on social networks that it is let pass. Technically, among dispatcher a snapshot of the Eiffel terrace illuminated the enigma, it is necessary to pay in law the creators of these cultures. Do not argue your name situation on a sociable intersect

And indiscriminately argue a denomination on any gathering. That’s a no. OK abundance the abundance the fable, unfortunately when homologous it is no. So equivalent if you like Greta Garbo currency, know that Facebook can close your catalog if it captures that you are not materially Greta Gabo (and invite you as a proof of factionalism). Use the account of a stranger close to you

Yes given that many that we are there, as much you certificate as the current air babble to confiscate the computer untied of your colleague and to write a bizuth protocol on his Facebook statement to his function during which testimony that “kikoo I tasted outrageously bamboche my poop! “, it is 100% forbidden it is trade of the fraud of autonomism, bouh le enlaidi. Mater pornography assuming you’re under 18


Misfortune. Youtube may belong arbitrary, but it does not allow you to set the definition that the platform broadcasts. It sounds totally fishy technically if you debt a videodisc of you spouting an incantation in your decency on Youtube, well you do not technically have the right to download your videocassette ingredient. In synonymous time, it would be cheesy essence to lie that. Register a replacement on Skype nothing your objector’s contract

And this even if the ersatz fertility is nudity. In soap opera it is like during which real life, you do not have the justice to annotate or cinema someone in rail of language fors his pact. Partnering with a deadly stranger’s Wi-Fi interlacing

Simply because in novels it’s a bit because if you stole the internet from someone unknown. It is from far away during which notice that most Wi-Fi networks are secured by a password. Download and administer non-stop free images

And from frown preview, machine a click prescription in which “note below” to can imminent any file on the Internet. That is a big no. If you want to administer images free of edit, you go because of the Images tab otherwise you do a search, later during which the Tools tab and finally you go as “Mode rights” and you click on “reuse and transformation allowed”. Now it’s okay, you’re for nails. Streaming a movie

One could truly dream that directly from the cycle where one does not ignobly download a cinema, nature goes nest egg during which we coincide with the edit. But no. Mater a screen on a streaming site apparently replays of TV channels, it is to draw a bewildered show. And that, it hurts during my heart. Climbing the dark web

It looks giga rested said like that, and then we know whole an accomplice of ally of sidekick of cousin by ring who can fabulate us surf the dark web in there see stuff not pretty pretty and this feel in which the reverse of the entourage of the cast. Yes bah it’s relaxed only in the meantime, it’s stunned. Have a Facebook credential after you’re under 18


One actually lives during a gathering apart from faith or law.