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Top Security Measures for Businesses with Multiple Locations

A data security breach can cost up to four million dollars on damages of a company hence it is something any company would like to avoid. A company which is on the peak of growth and expansion to other regions is a suitable target, especially if they have outdated data and network security systems. Therefore, a company should keep an updated network security system when there are plans to expand the business. There are various gateways which should be closed to prevent exploitation by malicious people who target the data in an organization. Here are some considerations to increase the protection of the network system of an organization.

You should start by securing the WiFi of the business. If your business provide WiFi credentials to a lot of users or operate an open WiFi network, then it becomes more vulnerable. When a malicious individual has easy access to your network, they can quickly look for gateways to your database.

Employee training can also go a long way to secure the database of the company from external threats. It is common for companies to be exposed to security threats because of employee errors. Such mistakes include employee errors or ignorance of leaving accounts open on WiFi networks which are shared or interconnected computers. The employees of a company should also be well advised about the need to have a strong password and how to create them. The training should also cover the essential protective measures against the most recent phishing activities on the internet.

Another crucial aspect you should do is to control user access of the system. You can benefit a lot by limiting the number of users who access specific digital databases and physical servers in the organization. When access to individual databases are limited to specific people, you can quickly trace security breaches. When people have limited access to the data center, they can easily be tracked by a supervisor both physically and digitally. You should establish the roles of the persons who have access to the data center and be clear when they should access the secure data center.

The final tip is to ensure a regular database cleanup. The database could be the source of the security threat to the company because it holds a lot of data which at times cannot be verified. If there is no way of establishing the security threat of client data to the servers of the company, that puts your system in danger of being hacked. Such data should be managed carefully to ensure the safety of the network. You should also delete old users and databases which are no longer in use.