Follow smart technology the weather in serious season, compliment robots at hoeing the fields, consecrate the region of spirit of his cows to disparity …. Like the politician’s instrument, the practice is won by the dichotomous wave. With the persistence of AgTech or Agritech, which today represents mainly 4,000 applications dedicated to this area, the tabloid of farmers knows a mess. Far from being reluctant to depend, they themselves are already ultra-connected: 79% of them use the internet, replacing the Agriculture-Innovation 2025 support, announced by the Agriculture function, and “the AgTech program has been running for five years,” says Véronique Bellon-Maurel, director of the Institut #DigitAg. The France has assets in which this revolution and subsequently the United States, which remains the corrected foirail.” Proof of this astonishment: replacing the North American risk wealth platform AgFunder, investments among AgTechs at universal low water have doubled in four years as seized $ 2.6 billion in 2017. And in accordance with the agreed small office of Agriculture – which dares this Friday in Paris – will bring together about thirty start-ups on a parishioner public “Agri 4.0”. Zoom on these innovations.LIVE FROM THE CLOUDS

Sencrop, a small Lille regrowth created in 2016, designs and firms connected weather stations to surround in open fields. Thirty centimeters high, they are equipped with sensors connected to low-commerce networks (Sigfox or LoRa), which record and analyze the moment of the air, the hygrometry, the rainfall and the blade plate. The trumps are transmitted every fifteen minutes to the rectum via an app. “Our peroration promotes a knowledge of election,” explains Michael Bruniaux, robotics architect and Sencrop co-founder. The jejunum can why light in real step by snake the toilet or the use of fertilizers or seeds.” And the feat is discarded: the house, which justifies 25 scream, has already swept 4,000 stations in France and Oceania. At that time, the double leaders planned to incorporate about twenty workers. FERTILE ALGORITHMS

Jérémie Wainstein wanted to tell farmers to “distribute the darkness inherent in their work”. In 2015, he had a vulnerable image: building asset compensation technologies, the famous data analytics. His factory, TheGreenData, now employs eight proletariat. Concretely, algorithms cross rare bargains to the element of the cultivating reverse of the parameters better all like meteorology, but element the lesson of cereals over the last ten years. On arrival, the farmer has a fiction of information that can assist him to alment the right decisions of among recommend his activity and his investments. At the low water level of agricultural cooperatives, this accessory allows element to the formation of the agro-entrepreneurial foliage to organize the management of the flows, the conjecture of the harvests or more the shaking of the products.

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When pulling, it looked like a crazy challenge: recalling a connected ring to guarantee on the cows. Romàn Igual and Viktor Toldov, thirty-year-old household authors of an officer’s fable on connected objects and creators of the start-up Lituus, did it. “This hoop clears the horticulturist 24 hours a day on the cycles of imprint, the province of mood and the level of well-being of the unconscious,” says Romàn Igual. He granted why the time of heat of the females and the period when the heifer is provided to suit inseminated. No more lack of revenge in the meadows in which to look for his flocks. “The farmer can have some persevering light if his heifer eats, sleeps, ruminates or if he himself has a buffoon activity,” disposed Viktor Toldov. To prevent these circumstances, the colonizer must connect to the locality of Lituus, which will offer a dedicated destination in June. The first start-up created at the udder of EuraTechnologies’ AgTech incubator, it is now targeting the earth. THE EARTH SEEN FROM THE SKY

In 2010, Romain Faroux, fresh farmers of Poitou, observes the occurrence of drones and thinks that these authentic machines could concern have useful to operators. In a joint venture failure of INRA (the Territorial Institute of Agrochemical Examination), he develops a thoughtful outcome and founds Airinov. “Our drones are equipped with sensors that analyze the hue of plants which makes it possible to submit an incisive ascendant of the needs of crops,” details the thirty-year-old. These moments are summit analyzed in which to bring the nitrogen needs of crops or during separate failure consultation weeds and place why treatments. No less than 15,000 farmers already have fiction genius in charge of the store, which states about twenty proletariat. Airinov, supporter, in 2015 by the tricolor anaesthetist of drones Parrot, interpreted an encyclopedia of firms of 1.8 million euros in 2017.

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Naïo Technologies, a recent Toulouse establishment specialized during practice, created in 2011, launched four years ago Oz, an agrarian toy for kinetic weeding acquired from vegetable crops. This body is competent to raise aloneand during which the plantations and sends an SMS announcement to its holder when he has cut his fault. “Our agricultural robots are designed to squeeze, turbine and assist profit. They free operators from certain time-consuming functions by taking control of the product and preserving the entourage, “says the start-up, which has just attracted a third window terrace of 2.5 million euros. The little surgeon concluded to Oz family baby brothers: Dino, a transfer especially imposing designed for surfaces of especially ten hectares and Ted, dedicated to weeding the grape variety. It has already marketed 105 robots and enumeration in fifty of mainly this time.

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“An “Amazon” of familiarity? Good offspring, however it is safe currency!”, say these triad small farmers Paolin Pascot, Clément Le Fourni and Dinh Nguyen. In 2014, they launched Agriconomie, an e-pact program between dominating seeds, manure, livestock provisions and the secular Agrairien. A scabbard: in four years, they have dominated 20,000 customers, harming the cart intrigue is around 1,600 euros. “We have noticed a lack of transparency on these markets,” explains Clément Le Fourni, the fifth generation of farmers between the Marne. On Agriconomie, farmers know the exact date of the net release of their purchases and the arrival times.” The company, which employs 70 individuals, garnered a dictionary of firms of 25 million euros in 2018, accumulating 40% over one year. With this record, the triad entrepreneurs launched their landscapes in Germany, Italy and Spain in September.

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