The Art of Mastering

Where Technology shall Profit Humanity

There have been many changes in the technology scene of late. This gives us pause for thought on the future. There is a lot of good yet scary things to come from technology. Here are some of the things we expect to see in the coming months.
Seeing as social media has led to some great evils in society, the government may be forced to step in and watch how it is used. They will be motivated by the need to make sure no such evil continues to spread amongst its citizens.
There shall also be more space exploration expeditions. Last year saw us go further into space then we had ever before. The need to know more about our solar system shall push us to go further than before.
There will be more use of solar power. We are almost at the stage where making solar panels shall be cheaper. This means that as the costly manufacturing process of solar panels reduces, more and more places shall adopt the use of this free and clean source of energy.
We will also see more efforts aimed at doing something about climate change. We live in a dangerously precarious relationship with nature. While previous efforts have not been serious, there seems to be a new wave of change on the horizon.
There is also good news for those who have lost their limbs, since there have been developments in the world of prosthetics where they shall interact with them much better. The new brain-implanted electrodes shall make it possible for those who could not manipulate their prosthetics to do so with greater ease.
There is also hope that we will finally curb our bad habits of string at our phone screens for too long. As these gadgets get better at their functions, so have we gotten more and more addicted to using them. But there is a new trend of hands-free technology that shall see our need to stare at the screens less and less. Technology shall finally get to a more useful and less intrusive level.
There is also an emphasis on the role of DNA testing in trying to curb some of the effects genetic and hereditary diseases have on their lives. This is possible when we can detect early enough the chances of someone catching any of those diseases, and putting in place measures to make sure they do not spread and cause havoc in their lives.
We are also yet to discover more areas in which technology and science can have a positive impact and lead to us living a more fulfilling and happier life than before. You can read more info on this site.