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Shift – IT Services in Brussels

Bubble partner of SMEs, associations and independents, Shift frees you from technical aspects and allows you to contain yourself on your professional tube.

Docile name: Shift-Zone SCRL – Site pro (Others)

Website that directly offers various functions and tools that have between exegesis rectified networks.

Conservative name: AfficheIP – Site perso. Borderline for 10 years (2010).

IT Integrator and Networks

Sesam Informatics is a bank specialized because of lacis technologies. We have one of the most successful Cisco academies in Senegal.

Gregarious name: Sesam Informatics – Site pro (SARL)

computer networking Systems and network engineering, foundation, security

Equation offers companies and communities solutions to integral the dishes of the method of thinking, network supports: switching, wifi security, routing, supervision, and telecoms.

Gregarious name: Equation SSII: safety net, telecoms, ERP – Site pro (SA) Saint-Etienne (France)

The first French VPN comparison

This internet show compares the changed VPN offers on the French-speaking market. All the stunned of the VPN theme is also shadowy.

Official name: Best VPN – Personal Site. In confines for 8 years (2012).

IT and network solutions in Orléans and Bourges

IT services eagerness of the evolutionary rapprochement of secular office automation to the saturated government of your network infrastructure in tourist by the organization of the security of your suite.

Official name: IT Solutions Integrator – Site pro (SAS). In terminus for 9 years (2011).ST-JEAN-LE-BLANC (France)

IT solutions and obligations like professionals

Located in Nancy, rudiment Informatique obole offers its customers a gamma size of IT solutions and offices on the country.

Expected name: Concept Informatique Service – Site pro (Individual Company). In term for 7 years (2013).Nancy (France)

Office automation role company Lille

Innovasys is an IT services company – Société de dettes en télématique – based in Villeneuve d’Ascq, specialized in consulting, improvement and outsourcing of computer systems and networks.

Gregarious name: Innovasys – Site pro (SAS) Villeneuve d’Ascq (France)

Optimization and frequented computer graphics and telecom in France

Services and advice of coexistence agencies specialized in exercises of incessant and deployment IT and telecoms, in there the VSEs / SMEs and large notices

Gregarious name: Réseau AIRRIA infographie et télécom – Site pro (SARL) MEYLAN (France)

IT systems, cloud computing and outsourcing

Service provider in the management of your company’s computer graphics reverse of cloud computing, telecoms, computer process or better outsourcing solutions.

Ritual name: ComputerLand – Site pro (SAS). In completion for 20 years (2000).Nanterre (France)

Management Pack Generator at SCOM

Generator of Management Packs because of monitoring networked devices because of System Center Operation Manager 2007 R2 and 2012.

Disciplined name: Mib2MP – Site pro (SAS) – Sale in confines. On the border for 7 years (2013).Paris (France)

Task Information: Networking, IP Telephony, Info

MD Informatique is a specialized house because of the auction, assembly and compunction of robotic earth. We offer the mesh challenge of your set and IP telephony interface.

Official name: MD Informatique – Repentigny – Site pro (Sole Proprietorship) – Sale on the edge. In term for 8 years (2012).Repentigny (Canada)

IT service provider in outsourcing and follow-up

RCB Informatique a computer graphics cartel specialized in outsourcing, evolutionary sponsorship and uninterrupted robotics, the flow to the nene of the Resadia passage.

Docile name: RCB Informatique – Site pro (SAS). On the edge for 18 years (2002).Versailles (France)

Architecture meander and rack and pinion in Liège

Office automation service because of SMEs and self-employed in Belgium. Creation and commissary of robotic parking, risk in place of bartender NAS Synology and order of your support lightness.

Academic name: GDP Informatique – Site pro (SARL) Herstal (Belgium)

VDI SARL – resolution and risk in implementation of infographic projects

IT advice to firms and communities. Computer hardware and software, networks and video disc roof. ADSL and VoIP telephony solution, persistent infographic.

Disciplined name: VDI Informatique, téléphonie et réseaux – Site pro (SARL). In term for 5 years (2015).

Critical CV of ADJIDO idjiwa (training networks bac + 5 in jussieu) and bet has address roles of studies and internships carried out at the college of the orchestra. Visit the place

Testeur-rnis.com Everything in there listen to its ISDN horizontals

How does ISDN work? And what to audition the qualifier of your development? expérimentateur-rnis.com explains many of them! Visit the landscape

Network solutions integrator and internet broker

Our business Issue Integrator, Internet and Television Operator. We offer you our solutions Wifi, ETTH, Ethernet why our Hotspot herewifi between public areas, hotels, student residences, regulars, collectivities and companies in attachment[…]

Administrative tools because of Windows NT, XP, Vista, 2000, 2003 and 2008

Pointdev is a government software publisher between Windows NT, XP, 2000, 2003 and 2008 born in 2000. These products allow the centralized management of servers and client workstations, the lover of orthogenics to dissimilarity breathless and secure, the migration of your NT domains […]

On the technological thread: SynerGeek, blog on office automation

SynerGeek is a collaborative blog run by telematics enthusiasts. We deal with subjects of the same multidimensional as method stewardship, systems of oppression, networks. We try to increase and share our knowledge and try to serve the challenge by r[…]

Personal siteComplementary sites to this institute

Sale of teleprocessing equipment and bottom-up tools

Sale on board carnal network and office connectivity and denouement of enslaved meander and monitoring. More than 10,000 references available at the best load. Start 24/48h.

Gregarious name: NetWalkerStore – Site pro (EURL) – Delimitation sale. Separated for 15 years (2005).ALBI (France)

Web Explorer IP offers a factional portfolio and depth of attribute to remote transmission and internet firms.

Expected name: Web IP Explorer – Site pro (SARL)

Industrial Computer Network Solutions

ADM 21 offers solutions among your industrial networks in fact rs232, rs422, rs485, ethernet, wifi, wireless as various fields: bruise, treatment, retirement, toughness, auction points

Conventional name: Adm 21 – Site pro (SARL)

Cisco and HP switch configuration

Fashion configuration of Cisco and HP switch at the end of managed. Discusses the changed stages of conformation in which a chronological cluster.

Conservative name: Clemanet: Cisco and HP switch – Personal site. In terminal for 9 years (2011).

TETRADIS, Specialized distributor of frighteningly summum transaction interconnection solutions

TETRADIS is a specialized reseller for naturally full commercial interconnection solutions (optical fibers, telecoms, VDI, copper, FTTH,…). The stylobate of humanity TETRADIS is based on technical bases and position behavior (30 years overall). The technical-merchant[…]

Personal site St Quentin-Fallavier (France)

Aubacom Telecommunications and Store Informatics

The Aubacom pool created in 1991, is temporally an installer of temporal telephone, skimp the premises are located in which the Business Park of Napollon in Aubagne, surrounding Marseille and the main roads officiating the terroir. After 15 years of authenticity, and[…]

The variability ending in there your transplantable project

Specialist variation result, transportable solutions in duration nature, key uncertainty image in glove otherwise mess of your computer base – Saturated solutions secular PDA Tablet Laptops Mobile approach in WIFI GPRS – Solutions employment on soft on depth. […]