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A Teacup Yorkie Pet Reviews

The Teacup Yorkie is not regarded as an original breed. People who love dogs still find it adorable despite this fact. Teacup Yorkie is the most famous from the Yorkshire Terrier group. Teacup Yorkie has a small sized body, it is personable, and energetic which makes many people adore it. Despite having a tiny body Teacup Yorkie is Very dynamic. It is also intelligent and has a plucky attitude. They do not feel intimidated by bigger animals hence do not wait to test them. Teacup Yorkies are the same independent case with all the other types of Yorkshire Terrier.

They like their privacy while sleeping and for this reason, they prefer somewhere isolated like in a particular corner. The puppies are best known for providing protection to their families fiercely. They maintain their territories and can be able even to defend their families. They will bark at any intruder because they are extremely alert. They are also charming, but they get bored quickly because of their sharp minds. You can be able to keep them busy by giving them walks and toys to destruct them. Due to their quick response to commands, Teacup Yorkies are easily trained.

Due to their capability to identify toys by their different names, they can be able to retrieve them if asked to do so. Although they are highly intelligent, home learning them is not an easy thing. They also offer great companionship for any person who is a dog lover. Some of the reasons why they make great companionship is because they are brave, loving, protective and loyal. They can be able to fit in any household due to their small body size. They can adapt to any family even if they have other animals. They also can have a good relationship with older children. However, it is not recommendable for people with small children to have them in their homes.

It is highly advisable that you do thorough research on the breed before buying it. Internet is an excellent place to do your research if you have decided to buy Teacup Yorkie. You will discover plenty of information about this Yorkshire Terrier from different places. This will also enable you to choose the best breeder from the vast list. When getting your puppy you should also look for information on the internet on how to leave with it. You will also have the information on how to take care of a sick Teacup Yorkie and the health issues they are likely to have. Getting ready in advance will ensure that you buy a happy and healthy puppy.

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