Kitchen utensils and cookware should be of very good quality, because then they accompany you for a very long time and that pays off in the end. The nice thing is also, cooking and baking makes it even more fun and easier to handle. Here you will find a lot of information about the kitchen helpers that I use most often and best. With a few helpers to great success

Sometimes I am totally overwhelmed when it comes to the purchase of new equipment. Maybe you know this because there is not so much space to accommodate everything or you wonder anyway, why all this?  And that’s exactly what it’s all about: When preparing my simple dishes and cooking my recipes for the quick kitchen, it depends on a few real helpers, not on the amount that takes up space in the cupboard. They should make your everyday cooking easier and not be an obstacle.  And that’s why I also advise to deliberately omit or invest a good device, instead of many rather inferior ones. Also for reasons of sustainability.Sorting out before the new acquisition

Before I buy new appliances, I take a look at all kitchen drawers and cabinets and check whether the helper is already available or needs to be replaced. If it is old and no longer usable, it will be replaced, that is clear.  Sometimes I see that something similar is already there and I can use it to prepare my simple recipes for a quick lunch or dinner. Then I tend to consciously renounce new purchases. For the successful cooking of my family dishes, a manageable amount of conventional tools are sufficient.Which tool is really indispensable for a successful cooking

In my opinion, a few kitchen helpers are indispensable for preparing the recipes for the family kitchen or if you want to spoil friends and guests on special evenings. But they are, I promise, really only basics, which I regularly refer to. Therefore, if you are just building your own household, for example, you do not have to spend kitchen gadgets yourself financially to be able to prepare something quick for the after-work kitchen in the evening. When buying new kitchen utensils, you should first ask yourself for whom and for how many people you are cooking. For example, I can only advise everyone to buy a good pan for successful cooking and frying. If you take good care of them, you will have them forever. Some models can even be reprocessed. A heavy cast iron roaster is a fantastic kitchen helper that I don’t want to do without, but if you don’t regularly prepare roasts for the family or soups in large portions, then this certainly does not have to be in the initial equipment. In fact, a blender, a Zester grater, a measuring spoon set and a digital kitchen scale are indispensable for me. These helpers are also regularly used for my simple recipes.  In the articles you can also read exactly why they are so important to me for the preparation of quick lunches and the successful, as well as straightforward cooking at any time of the day. Because: As with so many things, things often have to go fast in the kitchen. If you can’t spend hours preparing and preparing, even if you would like to do it often. That’s why my absolute favorite for success is my professional knife. It has to be sharp and ready for use. Then nothing can go wrong with your cooking success with my simple recipes for every day and occasion. Promised!