Understanding Prosthetics and Orthotics

Prosthetics are devices that are used in replacement or extensions of human body parts that may have been damaged or missing. Diseases, accidents and birth defects are the main factors that lead to the need for prosthetics. Traumatic injuries like in the case of military where people are injured in combat also leads to the need of prosthetics. The prosthetics will usually be attached to a healed stump, wound, and even a bone through different methods and that sees the victim regain their lost physical function.

The artificial limbs come in four main categories.A transfemoral prosthetic is that which is required to replace a limb that is missing above the knee while a transtibial prosthetic will work for below the knee limb replacement. When it comes to the arms as well, above the elbow will require a transradial while above the elbow calls for a transhumeral.

There many other smaller prosthetics for other parts of the body. The prosthetics can be implanted with biosensors so that they can detect with the temperature changes and other sensations as well. Apart from purchasing the prosthetics online you can have one custom made by professionals which will be comfortable and realistic to you but it will cost you a bit more. The thing with prosthetics is that they tend to wear out and will need to be replaced in a number of years. Technology of the modern day has enabled prosthetic development to move from heavy material to lighter ones and those that have the ideal flexibility.

The prosthetics are made with better materials such as carbon fiber that is long lasting besides being lightweight , they also come with gadget that detect muscle movement and turn that into electrical signals that help in aiding heir utilization for a natural movement. The benefits that come with prosthetics are immense. They give you back the ability to drive your car, mobility without cumbersome wheelchairs , makes you social and other important functions of daily living.

In some cases infants will be born with deformational plagiocephaly where their head is uneven or irregular shape. Orthotic helmets for your infant will be prescribed for the repositioning has proven to be ineffective. You might have several options to choose from if the doctor has prescribed that option for your child. With there being many orthotic products in the market, it’s wise to speak to the doctors on the best way to go.

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