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Intel® Core™ i7-12700, 12C (8P+4E)/20T, P-core 1 2.1/4.8GHz, E-core 1.6/3.6GHz, 25MBRAM: 1x 4GB UDIMM DDR4-3200Hard Drive: 1TB HDD 7200rpm 3.5″Curved card: Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 770FreeDOSUnit cell except cine-clubSupplied flap: USB Calliope Keyboard, Black, French + Mouse USB Calliope Mouse, Black

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DatasheetIntel® Core™ i7-12700 processor, 12C (8P + 4E) / 20T, P-core 2.1 / 4.8GHz, E-core 1.6 / 3.6GHz, 25MBMemoire vive(RAM) installed1x 4GB DDR4-3200 UDIMM4-3200Hard chorus size1TB HDD 7200rpm 3.5″ graphics cardIntegrated Intel UHD Graphics 770AudioHigh Definition (HD) Audio, Realtek® ALC623-CG codecKeyboardUSB Calliope Keyboard, Black, EnglishSupplied accessoriesUSBCalliope 1Keyboard,Black,French+MouseUSBCalliopeMouse,BlackPower supply260W 90%Operating SystemFreeDOS

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