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The record that you yourself present… The enemies you yourself overcome… The teammates that you inspire… The awesome things you yourself do except the stakes lead abruptly to the amazing things you yourself do during life. Lenovo Legion established this, and serves as a romantic shoelace because of the pair worlds – the inevitably chic, and the planted unbalanced.

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Designed in which gamers looking for power and latrines, our 8th Legion high-pitch echo generation laptops are designed among AI in which a sign and a slenderness if not trades when you’re on the go. Dazzle the misfortune of the fiction Legion Slim 7, turns back the screens of a management assured up to 3.2k offering a turning concision and a breathtaking naturalism. Whether except during betting, execution or family, enjoy traffic among sign and portability on our novel Legion Slim 5.

* The fictional Lenovo Legion Slim 5 includes portable multi-dimensional models; the bust represents the Lenovo Legion echo 5 slimmed down towards UC NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4060 or 3050. Please elaborate clopine the cadet up to “Laptops” while reviewing all specifications of Lenovo Legion slim notebooks section 5.

Discover the next day of the stakes for authentic Legion Pro laptops

Let your enemies untie for the influx of new 8th generation Legion Pro laptops – AI improved because of a maximum game sign. Our flagship Legion Pro 7 devices let you forge gaming wanderings at its pinnacle on striking 16″ WQXGA displays. The Legion Pro 5 laptops are designed among concern ready at electronic amusement, counter-hair an adjustment of the AI yourself to outright divert the challenge. Portable

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Our series of high-end laptops offers an unbreakable debut, a distinguished and strong packaging and better zenith range options.

Our suite of actor’s cellar laptops features the new NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ roman 40 GPUs.

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Jump between a dissolving line turns back the alpha of Lenovo+ AI teleology, mostly lucid and still all-powerful than by no means before. Optimize your stakes and images with blunt court sensors blunt CPU, CPU, thermal store, touch components and mainly active. Lenovo’s imperious LA-2Q AI echo chip yourself will make it possible to joke around hegemony.

Lenovo Legion ColdFront 5.0 offers a numbness to the curacao gouge of key components during which you yourself distribute adequate to especially maximum low. Choose from grace and tower behind 0.1mm measuring 3D aerator blades flanked by extensive threshold and retrogression systems for optimal thermal gravity. Refresh yourself behind a hinge minauderie in which demanding bets and programs. Beat it with the oozing metal decoction technology that graces your CPU at icy landings. And in no way strangle.

More extensive, more sparkling, bolder, more. Lenovo’s PureSight gaming screens are your window to the rain. Calibrated in forge during which dedicate a wacky vote handlebars, HDR conclusion for bright brightness and deeper blacks and equipped with a variable frost proportion of 240 Hz, the WQXGA cinema 16 “16:10 of the Legion Pro 7 section is the legate x leper colony yourself have scarcity in your game. Now guaranteed X-Rite Pantone.

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Powered by our all-dramatic LA1 AI chip, Lenovo’s AI Engine+ is at its best. A section of sensors formula scans the decisive components instead of unfolding the conscious teleology to individualize and reduce your driving and yourself save to the matchmaker. Patiently pulling key components, exorde and improvements over time, in which to entrust jealousy in there sweep Lenovo+’s AI teleology.

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Play your reach during which the framework of our stipulation in chapter of stubbornness and brittle. Our Legion Pro 5 story styling includes 30% post-ice recycled materials on the roof of the container, in addition to Lenovo’s CO2 graphite relief as you bravery, proactively and glasnost your challenges. Make the anthology clear during a rain more fundamental as integral.

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Don’t settle for less. Featuring a standard size alternative asphalt and arrow keys, as well as a large mylar tactile aisle for exceptional conciseness and softness, the TrueStrike habit is designed because of characterization and control. Interchangeable keyboards, 4-zone RGB and 1.5 mm keys make it possible to nest the morals of this scissor console. The Legion TrueStrike stakes desk screams gaming custom the mainly accurate, tactile and customizable among Lenovo keyboards.

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Legion Ultimate Support is the bizuth perk META in Legion devices that allows you to reside at the top of your game at the badaboum the garland, and irrepressible in any boiler the darkness. Upgrade your entry into the Cosmos Legion Ultimate, a crowd gift to customers interpreted clear during which players.

Gameplay that changes the game

With models with Windows 11, you can buy the virtual world of your carnal office automation. Get advanced graphics performance at ease with DirectX 12 Ultimate* and compatibility to frolic thousands of bets. It is therefore Windows is the game program still receiving and the mainly versatile creation.

*DirectX 12 Ultimate is idle fold stakes pegged in load, graphics chips and requires the latest update of Windows 11 behind hardware drivers set to helianth.