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Steps of Calculating W2 Wages From a Paystub

Most of the people know a W2 as a form which shows the amount that has been removed from their paycheck as tax. Once the year comes to an end, you will find that that is the time when people will need a W2 to see their annual total net income. There is a simpler option of knowing your W2 wages rather than waiting for so long before you receive your W2 form. Use this page to learn more about the ways you can easily calculate your W2 wages.

You must have a precise figure of your total income that is gross. This will mean that you sum up all your earnings and eliminating any kind of deductions that would have been made on your income. You can still achieve this by getting your rates on an hourly basis then you multiply with the exact number of hours of that given week.

Ensure that your gross income is free from any wages that you know are not taxable in any way. You will realize that the wages which you will be given and you will not be required to pay any kind of tax are those referred to as non-taxable income. You must sum all of them up then the figure you get, deduct from the gross income.

It will be mandatory to take into account all the types of deductions that you made from your taxable income. In a case where you have forgotten the exact deductions that you made from your taxable income, you can revisit your paystub. Most of these deductions are in form of health insurances. The figure you got in the above step is what you must subtract the figure you get here from. Taxable income will be the result that you will get after all the subtractions in this stage.

Forth, you have to put all the taxes of that given year into consideration. After you have identified all these taxes and summed them up, you will need to multiply them with the total number of those times that you receive payment in a given year. Ensure that the times that you are paid are taken on a monthly basis. The figure that you will come up with, is the exact amount of all the taxes that will be withdrawn from the earnings that you in a year.

Up to this point, and you ought to be in a position to come up with your W2 wages from all the figures you have found. All you need to do here is to get the figure you found as total taxes subtracted from the figure in step three above. You will find your net income for that particular year after this calculation. Once you have come up with this W2 wages, you will be good for the next taxation season.

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