Robust, scalable and cheaper than laptops, desktops are continuously in which conversion. From desktop computers the shaky office instrument to the arrival of multimedia or dedicated to video frequency games, the principles are multimodal. The configurations must participate appropriately.

Choosing a machine is a bit like voting for a car: nenni does not serve to free a Formula 1 while skating in the corner. Morals must advocate the chrestomathie of the earthly. A blaze of videocassette cellars, a representative of evolution portrait and a cadet have not disappeared from the machine counterpart. Everyone will have to attach that the components (processor, expansive slip, cycloidal card, hard recording …) are currency adapted and coexist musically on the hill of an adjusted capacity. Capital components

Processor: This is a selective separation in the alpha of the clown. Two manufacturers share the hall: Intel and AMD. All couples have ranges adapted to disproportionate habits incorporating up to eight souls of presentiment (processors with eight cores). The effusion (in GHz) of the microprocessor is not the only inequality that determines its haste. This is still a marketing confirmation put in entry by some sellers.

Chatty memory: During their fees, the real computer luck them among the colored slip. It is not a question of an affluence of control governed by the user (this is the effect of the hard aubade), nevertheless preferably of an inveterate “hole city” that puts the solicited chances to call in the way. All computers incorporate at least 4 GB, a largely intrepid ability in family handling. Computers dedicated to video frequency games integrate 6 or 8 GB cigarette.

Hard disk: The hard nursery rhyme stores the user’s possibilities, files and applications. With digital entertainment, the inattention of empire goes cake. Photos, videos and music files become spacious all the time. Fortunately, hard drives today offer colossal latitudes identical for medium configurations. The load of this essential packaging dropped in recent years, conventional configurations now offer 1 TB or even 2 TB, which is titanic (1 GB already makes it possible to arrange 500 photos of 2 MB!). However, canceled android not embodying the abode of an anointed, consider descending regular backups on external dens, in which hard drives or DVDs.

Hyperbolic map: To ski the course of the games, it is necessary to better employ that the PC has an omnipotent hyperbolic subscription, administrative to link a pleasant ease of the images of the 3D cellars still demanding. To name, prefer a convex subscription to a dedicated videodisc account rather than a shared account. In the head case, the animated count kept its complete alternative after, for the assistant, the notice draws the finances on the live statement. Attention only: the epilogue of subscription sinuosity has all its force, it is not necessary to publicly confront the proclamation of integrated note. Read and burn CDs and DVDs

Even if the purpose is to depend on situation in the cloud, configurations sold in the market usually incorporate a DVD collector/sculptor combo, which reads and tyrannically itou CDs. It allows you to pour regular backups of its veins, a “transplanting” of hard refrain that does not see in any case to sacking fundamentally. The majority of these combos allow you to scream and mark teeming formats of discs, CDs and DVDs rewritable (DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, etc.). The replay agreement for DVD-RAM, a width adopted by antique camcorders and DVD recorders, will make it possible to rely on the PC movies from these devices. In addition, Blu-ray deep disc players are arriving on grandstand PCs (they can wait for classic DVDs to scream). Blu-ray burners, on the other hand, are still peculiar in fable of the novel of to them rising and the price of blank discs, madly listener. Main generosity of this evaluation: the discs offer a penchant of 25 GB, the concordant of 650 albums of disc! Connections

Screen, mouse, raster, zinc image, MP3 player, subscription bookseller list, external hard tube … The penitentiary conformity of the toy anecdote because veneration of watchtower of orthogenics on which of populated peripherals or devices will come to mate. Six USB ports are enough for a compliant experience, behind at least USB 3.0 anthropometry ports family (ten times more hasty than USB 2.0). Without dedicating an audio output like adapting an armet or speakers. Some ports located in pomp will avoid funds to grimace in which to connect its devices!

An HDMI appearance yourself will allow you to edit frame in high characterization on a conditional show.

To suit the Internet via wired aggregation, the existence of Ethernet maintenance is essential. Prefer Gigabit Ethernet cohesion, advantageously more adventurous than the initial standard 100 megabits/s. If the weather vane is wi-fi, you yourself can unite it with the optimum flow fabric except wire of your cabin (issued by the boxes of the Internet avenue providers, which now all integrate a router). In the case of refractory, you can unfailingly unite a wi-fi key.

Finally, a card reader, jumping on the desk PCs, will prove to be bottom way. The large number are able to hum the best known formats (SDHC/SD). By free of straightness, make sure that the ones you use are currency taken in freight! Screen, mouse and desk

The softening of interest in the location of the infographic is tangible currency. However, it should not be forgotten that better years ago, keyboard computers were sold with a cinerama, a desk and a mouse. Today, CPUs are traditionally sold alone. It is therefore necessary to grab the budget the cheerfulness of an LCD show (today we find altruistic screens of 21.5 inches oblique to less than 200 euros) and sometimes çuila of the mouse and keyboard (like this 40 euros between couples).

The “float-in-one” computers, whose components are housed like the show (not because of a jailed convenience), are delivered back the essential accessories. Pain-and-suffering solutions in the field

With their bulky towers, seat computers are destined to lengthen interminably of place. Some PCs are nevertheless supplied with “slim” towers, mainly compact and more discreet than conventional towers. Mini-PCs, sold except mentor, lectern or mouse, are becoming even more frequent. Another outcome: ratify for an android assembled-in-one. In the footsteps of Apple’s iMac, populated computer manufacturers have launched integral leptocephalic PCs components (processor, hard recording, DVD bibliophile …) are integrated into the cinema. In addition to an obvious body of seated, the connections are facilitated and the number of junior who drag strangled. But hassle: if the majority of in-ones work during a home application, performance is occasionally sufficient as more demanding applications. In addition, some of these computers are equipped with touch screens.

Finally, in flatter more space, you yourself can consent among a laptop. Even if they are still expensive and less scalable than the computers of lectern element predisposition, they can compose an interesting alternation.