Connecting with Your Students Better


Every teacher has a different way to better connect with their students. No teacher is the same how they work and utilizes the classroom. The key is not to follow the same structure or lesson plans, but instead to know the key principles that best bring students together to better improve the work flow of the classroom. Studies have shown that when parents know how to incorporate a mixture of personality, fun, and their own unique work ethic in the class that students work better and are better able to understand what’s being taught.

Connecting With Your Students Better

– Incorporate An Activity Unique To You

A teacher in California was praised by parents back in the early 2000’s because of how well she incorporated her favorite hobby, Yoga, into the classroom. She loved how powerful Yoga was to her and her overall wellbeing that she felt compelled to share that with the classroom. She would teach a class every Wednesday and provide all students in the classroom with a Yoga mat to use for the day, and she would lead them through a series of poses to get them moving. Doing an activity like this every week or doing anything similar can help create a stronger bond in the classroom.

– Keep A Great Connection With The Parents

Utilize every single opportunity that you can to better connect with the parents of the students. The reason behind this is that it can be tough to know the child solely on how they are at school, and by having a better relationship with the parents, you can work through anything that a child may be struggling with. Instead of having once a year “parent-teacher” conferences, try to do something a little bit more frequent. ClassDojo is an app that gives a child a digital portfolio free of charge, and you as a teacher can use this to show parents what their child is up to, so using programs like that can be very useful for your class.

– Understand Every Student

Don’t be afraid to better understand every student. Every student is different, understands differently, and takes information and knowledge in a different way. Your job as the teacher is to allow for the student to learn in their way and reinforce what they can do. By having a better relationship with them and not looking down on them, you allow them to show up for themselves and push harder in the classroom.

Be a teacher who loves their student and strives to see them succeed. By bringing them up instead of pushing them down, you open the door for open communication to flood in. Being a teacher who knows how to better communicate and connect with their students is going to find success with parents and the students. Use the key principles above to start changing your way of teaching so that you can work better as a classroom and see them grow successfully as they prepare for the next grade.