Which kitchen utensils do you really need?

Which basic equipment you absolutely need in your kitchen depends on your individual culinary preferences and eating habits. Regardless kitchen gadgets of whether you prepare the food yourself or have it delivered, crockery & cutlery are part of the basic equipment in every kitchen. Even if you often eat outside, plates, bowls, mugs, cups, spoons, forks, knives, can openers and cookware are the most important kitchen tools that everyone needs in a modern kitchen.

Kitchen order systems and shelves are necessary to create order in the kitchen cabinets and in the kitchen in general. For example, you can attach the cooking cutlery set to the wall with a hook strip and thus create more storage space. From spice stands to cutlery trays to kitchen shelves, you can buy everything for storing and organizing food and kitchen utensils in our online shop.Wise link

Small kitchen appliances, such as coffee maker, kettle, toaster provide more comfort. If you like baking, baking utensils are a useful addition. What kitchen utensils do I need for cooking?

In a single or couple household, you need the following kitchen tools for frying, steaming and cooking:

a large pan in which you can prepare small and large portions

a small and a large cooking pot

Cutlery & plates and a large bowl made of stainless steel or glass

Kitchen helpers: vegetable knife & bread knife, cutting board made of wood or plastic, cooking cutlery set, cooking spoon, whisk, kitchen grater, peeler, salt & pepper mill, can. Bottle and wine opener, garlic press, kitchen scissors, citrus squeezer, meat hammer, pot gloves, tea towels and closure clip set.

In the family household, we recommend the following additional kitchen tools: cooking pot set, knife set, casserole dishes in different sizes. Additional kitchen aids: vegetable cutter, pizza cutter, melon cutter, ice cream scoop, egg separator, potato masher, pancake turner, kitchen sieve, kitchen timer, kitchen funnel, herb witch, egg heads and egg cutters.

If you like to prepare the dishes yourself, we recommend the following purchases: meat grinder, rolling pin, pasta press and ice maker. What kitchen utensils do I need for baking?

For baking you need a mixing bowl, a measuring cup or a kitchen scale, a whisk or mixer and a matching baking pan.

For creative and comfortable baking, we recommend the following baking tools: dough portioner, egg separator, rolling pin, long-life baking film, cookie cutters and cake cooling grid. What kitchen utensils do I need for food storage?

Food stays fresh longer if stored properly. With food storage containers, storage containers and food labels, food and prepared food can also be stored hygienically. The cans are easy to stack and easy to store. This also creates order in your kitchen household.

You can choose between containers made of plastic, glass and enamel. The food containers are suitable for food storage of vegetables, fruit, sausages and cheeses, butter and prepared dishes. Kitchen utensils & kitchen utensils: A wide range of products

Every good kitchen should have high-quality kitchen appliances and practical kitchen aids. Luckily, we have both on offer. We provide kitchen utensils for cooking as well as for washing up or storing food. Click through our wide range of kitchen utensils that will make your kitchen work much easier. Take a look at the inexpensive kitchen accessories in our online shop. Reorganize your kitchen with our kitchen utensils

Do you like it tidy? The online shop of Die moderne Hausfrau offers a variety of kitchen utensils to organize your kitchen. Start with small things and see the big effect. For example, the plug of your sink: Don’t you also find it annoying when it is lying around on the shelf? With our plug garage you can park it after use where it belongs. In a practical set of two, we offer the self-adhesive garage at a top price. Small kitchens look forward to additional work surfaces with practical stove cover plates, which are simply placed on the hobs. Shopping lists and notes should not lie around loosely? Pin them to the fridge with our beautiful magnets. But we have even more kitchen aids on offer, from control hooks to kitchen strips to kitchen trolleys.