Contracts between Property Owners and Tenants

When someone desires to have possession of property temporarily, contracts called rental agreements for this scenario are documented between them and the owners of the property. To ensure that the property owners and lessees are in the right terms, the contact between them is managed and controlled by contract law. The contract specifies all related factors to the agreement including the property, terms of renting, payment for the specified time, the property owner and the lessee and other important information.

Rental agreements can be used for real estate renting, renting residential houses, parking spaces for parking vehicles, renting places to store goods, for renting places and property to conduct business in, renting property for agricultural purposes, renting to the government, renting property to institutions and for many more reasons. When a contract between landlord and tenant expires, a fee which the tenant had paid at the time of renting called a deposit is returned to the tenant provided they leave the property in good conditions. For leasing property for long periods of time, a lease contract is used instead of rental contract but it includes all information that a rental agreement includes.

A month to month rental agreement is a contract for renting premises on a monthly payment basis and no specific time of tenancy is given but rather the contract can be terminated when one party decides to vacate and gives a notice to the other party at a convenient time usually before the due date of rent payment telling them of their intentions to terminate the contract. In one way rental agreements, the landlord has the right to hold on to the deposit that the tenant had given earlier or charge a fee incase a tenant wishes to terminate the contract before a given number of months they had agreed on has elapsed. Agreements can be issued in scenarios where a tenant specifies the length of time they will rent the property and that expect that all agreed upon conditions stay constant for this period of time and are followed by both tenant and landlord.

These agreements are regulated by an appropriate authority and thus are under the laws of a country thereby it is important to read and understand them to avoid legal actions taken against you for breaking the rules and as such do not sign agreements having rules that are too harsh for you. Before renting property, tenants must ascertain that the property is owned by the one leasing it to them and also ensure that the rules under the agreement are in accordance to set standards to avoid being overcharged or renting uninsured property and other consequences

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