5 Tips for Researching Your First Pistol Purchase

General Article

Buying your first handgun can be an exciting time with a lot of decisions to make. Stick to these sources to avoid getting overwhelmed by information while you are researching the best pistol for your needs.

1. Perform Basic Searches

Take to the internet and look up some basic information about handguns. Check out the regulations and requirements in your area, the differences between a revolver and a semiautomatic pistol, and where to find local instruction or shooting ranges.

2. Join Online Communities

While you are searching for information, connect with local shooters through online communities and message boards. You may be pleasantly surprised at the welcoming and supportive attitudes experienced shooters greet you with.

3. Shop Gun Stores

This is where you can ask questions, pick up different handguns, and look at ammunition choices. Even if you love the feeling of a revolver, you may find that the sleek feel of a Glock 9mm is more your style. Don’t be afraid that you are bothersome, gun store employees want you to find the right model and fit for your lifestyle.

4. Take a Safety Class

While you are in the store, ask about local ranges, instructors, and any safety classes that are available.  Sign up for the level of instruction that you need, whether that is beginner, advanced tactical situations, or anywhere in between. If you are planning on obtaining a concealed carry license, take any required courses for that as well.

5. Visit a Range

This should be one of your final steps when purchasing a firearm. Visit your local ranges, both indoors and out, and find one where you feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed. Look for safety considerations by other shooters and the range itself, like eye and ear protection requirements and ammunition recovery systems that take lead exposure into consideration.

Whether you are buying a pistol for target shooting or protection, you will face a lot of choices. Following these steps can help you make an informed decision.