Online Gradable Classroom Culture Building Activities Guide

Traditional gradebooks usually stress on the performance and assignment records of students. This is the kind of information that guides teachers, students and their parents to draw conclusions about a learner’s strengths and weaknesses as per the overall grade during an examination or grading period. However, finding out the specifics in the learnt skills of a student through the traditional methods is usually a challenging affair. The traditional method makes it hard for students who suffered during the exam period to be assessed correctly. For this reason, many K-12 learning institutions continue to adopt the online standard-based gradebook system.

Blending Assignments and standards

When you want to assign work online, there are teachers who will attach a study guides, resources, lessons and other learning material and assessments to a student. Thus, the learning progress of a learner gets recorded in the gradebook. When the student finishes a given topic or learning activity, they undergo assessment and an automatic grading occurs.

There are several advantages to this method as opposed to other traditional ways of grading and tracking a learner’s performance. For instance, the student does not have to answer questions under pressure but instead, they can learn adequately and the assessment is part of the learning process. The majority of assessment methods that involve an exam after a long period means that the student may get ill and fail, which ends up with the wrong assessment results. Constant assessment through the standards gradebook is far more accurate a way of recording a student’s learning than the traditional way.

The student’s understanding record

After all eh standards are connected to the learning activities, the students finish the tasks and the teachers can always access the information on the digital gradebook. The measured standards ably see the performance info on the gradebook. Such information is logically arranged, and the teacher can view how many times the standard was measured and the performance of the student in each of those times. Therefore, the online standards gradebook acts as a convenient way for tutors to grade their students remotely, yet effectively.

Analysis of the learner’s performance

After a couple of standard-based assessments on a student, it is easy to understand their academic growth or progress. The tutors rely on this information to know the points of weakness or strength on their students. This allows the determination of strengths, which offers the teachers an opportunity to act in the deficit learning gaps. In short, the ability to know what the student performs well or badly means that the teacher now knows what to stress out in their training expeditions. In conclusion, it is evident that the online standard-based gradebook system is one of the best ways to track the learning process.

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