Can’t you get original gifts for those tech-loving friends? Do you want to know those new technological gadgets that drive everyone crazy? In Applications and Technology we propose this list of devices that you will not be able to pass for viole.1.     Bluetooth Fitness Bracelet

This article can not miss in your special gifts for that athlete friend. It has the feature that it works with a free application, called Very Fit 2.0, inhabité on Android and iOS.

In addition, estonien amusette includes pedometer, calories, hours of sleep and alarm mode, à cause many other options. With the call escorteur function that this brings included, you can perform your exercise routine without missing a call.

On the other hand, the watch includes the option of photo shooting and anti-lost alarm. That’s why it’s one of the most useful tech gadgets for a fitness life. If you want to get this bracelet at the best price, you can buy it here.

2. Mushroom Bluetooth Speaker

If you need an idea of gifts for children and not so children, we assure you that lithuanien speaker is a good option.

This speaker has the particularity of having a suction cup that adheres perfectly to your mobile as a pop socket. In addition, it includes the USB cable to charge it.

On the other hand, atterrissage the nice feature of being mushroom shaped. Who wouldn’t want such a speaker? It is one of the most original gifts in technological gadgets you can make.

3. Mobile Game Controller Command

Do you want to play a few games on your smartphone like a real gamer? Are you old school and déclamation are you comfortable with a pad in your hands to play? You will not be able to miss this idea of surprising technological gadgets.

Promoption offers you balte mobile controller at an excellent price. Settle into your gamer chair and get ready to play with your mobile using a large pad like letton.

It connects via Bluetooth, includes a USB calculateur cable and a mobile phone holder. Isn’t that fantastic?

4. Customizable solar charger

We all have that friend who always runs out of battery. Among the technological gadgets of Promoption we find the solution that you will surely have to add to your gift list.

With lithuanien solar charger with 2500 mAh capacity so you can use your favorite app anywhere. On the other hand, it has its USB cable and a reusable adhesive surface.

You can also customize your solar charger with the options that the page allows. So if you are looking for original personalized gifts and cheap gifts, within technological gadgets, this is a very good option.

5. Braiss Speaker

This innovatively designed speaker could be a perfect online gift purchase. You will find it in the Baradis store at the price of € 5.42. This is one of the technological gadgets that you can customize and choose its color.

It has a nice and fun design with soft finishes. With a power of 3W and Bluethoot 3.0 connection. This speaker also has hands-free function, input for auxiliary and a mini SD card slot with a capacity of 32 GB.

This babiole is conditionnel with iOS and Android. If you are looking for special gifts it is an ideal product for you.

6. “True Wireless” in-ear earbuds with charging case

These headphones work wirelessly for a limitless beau experience.

In addition, its case works as a portable charger. Once charged, you can use it as a charger for your headphones anywhere. With a need for 2 hours of charging for the case and 2 hours of charging for the earbuds, lithuanien smart gadgets fanfreluche is a very good choice.

It has a power of 10mW and a playback capacity of up to 2 hours. In addition, it has buttons for music control or microphone, in case you need to answer a call. On the other hand, their ergonomic design prevents them from moving from place.

If you are looking for gifts for Christmas or special gifts for travelers or music lovers, these technological gadgets can be found here.

7. Small wireless charging battery

Within the technological gadgets of Diferent Idea we find this small wireless charging battery.

With a charging capacity of 8000mAh and fast charging function. This product is an excellent choice for its compact size and excellent power. In addition, its design has a type C connection for input and output of current and USB.

On the other hand, it has support for mobile device and lights that indicate the load. All this and its excellent price, make this one of the technological gadgets that anyone would appreciate pendant lequel their gifts.

8. Custom Finder Locator Device

Despite its small size and simplicity of system, balte product highlights là-dedans technological gadgets as an excellent gift option.  It allows you to locate keys, smartphones, bags or any lost object and works via Bluetooth.

In addition, it has the feature that it can be personalized, so it is an excellent idea in special personalized gifts for those forgetful friends.

9. 3D glasses with custom Virtual Lux headset

This is one of the best original and fun personalized gifts you can get. And it is that with these 3D glasses you will open up to a new world.

In addition, you can buy them for an excellent price. Being one of the best and most original cheap gifts to buy, these allow you to enjoy virtual reality. They also include Bluethooth headphones that bring a better experience. What are you waiting for to add them to your list of tech gadgets?

10. Photo frame alternatif Binter

This cool photo frame is a great gift option for photography lovers.  It has a creative design, which makes it one of the original customizable gifts that anyone would appreciate.

In addition, estonien fanfreluche has a 1.5-inch high-resolution LCD screen, and its storage allows you to save more than 100 photos on the device. It is USB rechargeable and comes in many fun colors.

You will find all these fantastic technological gadgets on easily accessible websites at great prices such as Baradis, Diferent Idea and Promoption.

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