What to Look for in Field Service Software

In today’s market, a wide variety of companies must send employees out into the field to perform their work. Whether readers own or manage HVAC companies, install security systems, or offer on-site IT services, they can benefit from using field service software to streamline their workflow and make everything from managing work orders to scheduling mobile resources easier. When looking into software, readers should look for the following features to make the most out of their investments.

Work Order Management

Work order management software allows readers to manage and monitor their field teams and automate customer service requests to make keeping track of current jobs much easier. This allows companies to better meet their operational goals while simultaneously saving money and allowing companies to take on new customers and provide more efficient services for those they already have.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Customers aren’t the only ones who’ll appreciate making the switch to using dedicated field management programs. The employees themselves can also benefit from improvements in scheduling and dispatch that can be made through the use of dedicated software solutions. Scheduling and dispatch software programs allow managers to route calls directly to their field techs based on their skills, territory, and availability and to send them alerts while they’re out in the field, making their jobs easier.

Mobile Apps

Given that the entire point of field management programs is to assist off-site employees, it should go without saying that the software should feature fully functional mobile apps. This helps to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Contract Management

The right software program will make it easy to provide exceptional customer service, allowing all of a customer’s information to be managed from one program. This makes scheduling, billing, and contract management much easier.

Subcontractor Management

Companies and contractors that subcontract some of their work can also benefit from the right field management apps and software. It allows managers to monitor third-party vendors, manage quotes and work orders, and automate assignments and dispatching of these work orders with less hassle.

Outgoing Management

Find a software program that features a built-in quoting system, as this allows field workers to offer quotes and convert them into work orders on-site. Contractors can even add quotes for additional work and assign it to existing work orders, making keeping track of everything from jobs and tasks to pricing and taxes much simpler.