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The Highest Paid TV Actors in the World

A big pay contributes to a great income that makes the highest paid TV actors. People may come to a conclusion that since there are many TV shows, then the competition for the top spot is overwhelmingly high. That is not the case, only about two shows have brought the fortune and fame than any other. The TV actors showcase an easy acting while behind the scene they sweat for days to get everything together. Therefore, here are a number of highest paid TV actors in the world.

At 27.5 million dollars we have the highest paid actor who is Jim Parsons. Sheldon cooper is Jim Parsons role in big bang theory TV series. He is one famous actor at the moment because of his humor and sarcasm. Jim Parsons popularity lead him to acquire more roles in other TV movies and Series. At 26.5 million dollars we have the second paid TV actor. He is an actor in the big bang theory as Leonard Hofstadter.

For every episode of the big bang theory Jonny Galecki is paid 1 million. An amount of 26 million is what the third highly paid actor earns and he is Simon Helberg. Helberg also acts in the big bang theory TV series as Howard Wolowitz. Kunal Nayyar is paid 25 million dollars and is the fourth highly paid actor in the world. Raj Koothrapali is his role in big bang theory.

In his role Kunal acts with a level of weird wit and dry delivery. Mark Harmon is the fifth highly paid TV actor in the world. He acts in NCIS and earns an amount of 19 million dollars. He acted since 2003 as Jethro Gibbs in the TV series. He later became an executive producer in 2008 which made his have a great pay raise.
The sixth highly paid TV actor in the world is Ty Burell. He has acted in Modern Family and is paid 13.5 million dollars. He acts with humor and awkwardness that has made him well known to fans as Phil Dunphy. A successful negotiation through Fox news was done for the modern family actors. The seventh highly paid TV actor is Eric Stonestreet who gets an amount of 12.5 million dollars.

He also acts in modern family and benefited from the negotiations. Eric is Cameron Tucker who is charming and humorous in modern family Eric has gained more pay from other TV shows that he has featured like the secret life of pets. Ed O’neil is the eighth highly paid TV actor who acts in Modern family TV series. He acts as Jay Pritchett in modern family series and earns 12 million dollars. Ed has a hilarious, honest and headstrong wife while he is the smart and wealthy man.

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